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We hope you feel at home while you shop.
Home-lee is a casual, comfortable, quality, family owned brand.  I do all of the designing and my husband Patrick takes care of the business side of things.  Together we have 3 daughters, Ashlee, Holly and Georgia.  We also have a hard working team at HQ.
Home-lee was started in 2005 under our label Charislee.  After many years making all of the clothing ourselves and selling at our local market we felt it was time for a change so we tried our hand at wholesaling our new brand home-lee.  As part of this small homewares range we designed our "Apartment Pants" and they became very popular very fast!!  In 2015 we couldn't keep up with demand so we headed off to China.  We found a small family run factory who were willing to do small production runs for us.  From there we've been able to grow our brand and are now producing 4 seasonal ranges with monthly injection ranges.
Home-lee is stocked in 70 stores nationwide and we've just opened our flagship store in our home town of Nelson.
We are on a crazy journey and we are excited to take you along with us.
Thanks for visiting, Anna x